All Inclusive Wedding Packages Are Gaining Popularity

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All inclusive wedding packages are becoming more popular year after year. For a good reason! As the name suggests, all inclusive wedding packages include everything you need for your special day.


More couples are opting in for this "one stop shop" package to simplify the wedding planning process and to ensure the quality of the wedding. We unfortunately hear more than we would like to from couples that picked vendors that didn't end up being the best choice. It happens, like anything there are good ones and bad ones.


That is a huge part of what drove us to create and offer an all inclusive option at The Barn at Cedar Grove. To make sure the quality of the wedding is what you want it to be without fear of making a bad choice. We already have done all the vetting for you! Then based on your vision and needs we pull in the right vendors that will match your wedding perfectly.


Once you realize the amazing benefits of going with an all inclusive wedding package you won't be able to look at any other option. This is about your love and the celebration of becoming one and starting this new chapter in your lives together. It isn't about you becoming a seasoned wedding planner overnight.


Let's Take A Look At The Top Reason To Go All Inclusive


Trusted Vendors

all inclusive wedding package
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This is a huge one. As we mentioned above there are a lot of couples that end up choosing the bad apples in the bunch. This is your wedding, not just another family party. This isn't something to gamble with when it comes to your time and money. We are talking about potentially thousands of dollars on vendors, wouldn't you want to go with the proven options?


At The Barn at Cedar Grove we take the heavy lifting off of you. After doing over 350 weddings we have our wedding team of vendors dialed in. This means you are working with vendors that know our venue, they have perfected their flow and they are quality services otherwise we wouldn't keep using them at our venue. 


How we do this is by sitting down to really dial in your vision and hitting on aspects like color theme, food preference, flowers, and even music.  Once that is all ironed out we go to work selecting the right vendor options from our trusted team to pair perfectly with your vision.  This takes all the guesswork and stress out of “hoping” you picked a good vendor.


At the end of the day it is about producing and executing a quality wedding experience where you have no stress and can fully be in the moment. That happens when your vendor team is dialed in and knows how to work together already.


Costing You Less

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Along with the trusted vendors being able to save on your overall venue is right up there with the top reason to do the all inclusive wedding package. On average couples can overpay between $3,000-$6,000 for their wedding by doing it all themselves.


Why? Mainly because of mistakes. Between choosing the wrong options or believe it or not, forgetting what you already paid for (happens a lot) you end up spending thousands over budget.


When going with an all inclusive wedding package you already know what the total cost is going to be. Which makes it very easy to stay on budget and eliminate any spending mistakes that can easily happen.


With The Barn at Cedar Grove we make it even easier for you.  When doing it yourself you have to juggle multiple payments to different vendors and keep track of when they are all due.  With our all inclusive plan you only pay us and we handle all the vendor bookings and payment distributions.  This significantly simplifies the process for you and instead of multiple payments a month you just have one.



You Will Have A Wedding Team

All inclusive wedding package


It really takes a team to bring together a wedding day that flows perfectly from the arrival to departure. At The Barn at Cedar Grove our all inclusive package comes with our coordinators/planners. The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is to be dealing with vendor questions or fixing the seating issue because your aunt Lisa decided to show up.


Even with our amazing vendor team every great team needs leaders to organize and bring everyone onto the same page. For us that is Missy and Sandy.


As if that wasn’t enough we also have our secret weapon aka Sondra.  She is the one making sure the venue is exactly as you want it leading up to your wedding day.  From getting the proper tables and chairs out, ceremony seating, and to be fair anything else that needs to be put into place to bring your vision to life.


We like to say we have the wedding dream team.  Which is how we are able to pull off all inclusive weddings for our couples.


“We coordinate even the fine details you may have not even thought of!  We are with you through the entire process of planning, picking the perfect vendors, florals, decor, running a smooth ceremony, reception dinner and activities, and even fluffing your dress!  You give us your vision and we will run with it to make sure your wedding day is everything you always dreamed of!" -Missy 



Convenience / Time Saving

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Going all inclusive is an appealing choice when you factor in the convenience of it all. Not to mention the hours you will be saving by not having to meet with 6 different vendors, do multiple meetings, travel to different vendors, or waste time researching where to get napkins from. Everything will be taken care of for you in one place. So your point of contact is The Barn at Cedar Grove. When it comes to meetings or communication it will all come from one place.


No need to juggle around your calendar and 10 different emails when it can all be handled in one place, freeing up more time for you and your fiance to still have your weekly date night.



Stress Free

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Let's imagine this for a moment. You just got engaged and you booked your tour at The Barn at Cedar Grove. Leading up to the tour you both are starting to stress a bit trying to figure out what vendors are in the area, places to stay and when you can both fit in different meetings into your schedules to find the right vendors.


Then you show up to your tour and are immediately blown away with the natural beauty of the Kentucky meadow and the rustic charm of the historic tobacco barn, you know this is the location. Now your mind starts racing to all the other details.


Until.... You are introduced to The Barn at Cedar Groves all inclusive packaging. You quickly realize everything you both were stressing about moments ago is already taken care of. You don't have to find vendors or perform gymnastics with your schedule to fit in appointments. It is all taken care of.


So, you take a deep breath and let go of those anxious feelings, and turn to your fiance to ask where you would like to go to dinner to celebrate our wedding being taken care of.


That felt good right? It is that simple when you make the best wedding decision you can, and go with the all inclusive package.


“We absolutely love getting to know the bride and groom and their precious families. Each has a different story/different path that has brought them here. However, each one becomes a very special part of our Barn at Cedar Grove family! 


Our main goal for your wedding day is to make sure every detail of your vision comes together and all you do is ENJOY your special day!!" - Sandy 



Conclusion: All Inclusive Packages Are A Popular Option For Couples Looking To Simplify Their Wedding Planning


We agree the fantasy of planning a wedding sounds so romantic. Finding the vendors tasting the food, and it all effortlessly coming together. Unfortunately life is not a Hallmark movie perfectly scripted. What planning a wedding yourself really involves is a lot of time, money, and taking you away from what this moment in your lives together is really about.


Let's make sure love and romance stays the focus in your engagement by allowing our wedding pros Sandy and Missy to bring your all inclusive wedding to life.


By making one decision you can have the wedding of your dreams without it becoming an overwhelming experience that leads to you feeling burnt out on your wedding day instead of excited and energized.


If the idea of an enjoyable wedding planning experience sounds good to you then joining our past couples that made the choice to go all inclusive will be your best decision after saying "I do."


We welcome you to learn more about our all inclusive packages by clicking the link below to access our Wedding Investment Sheet.


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Ready To Celebrate Your Love,

The Barn at Cedar Grove Team

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