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Why choosing locally owned wedding venues is so important?

Choosing locally owned wedding venues offers personalized service, unique charm, community support, sustainability, and greater reliability compared to corporate-owned venues, many of which have suddenly closed. Didi Russell, through her WVOWV (Wedding Venue Owners Working for Venues) trips, connects venue owners for networking, learning, and support. Her efforts promote local charm and sustainable practices, making weddings meaningful and community minded.
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Gayle and Charles: A Timeless Love Story at The Barn at Cedar Grove

Gayle (80) and Charles (88) celebrated their timeless love at The Barn at Cedar Grove, our premier Kentucky farm wedding venue known for its enchanting woodsy vibes. Surrounded by 100 cherished guests, their special day featured stunning florals by Jack Gupton and live music by Ricardo & Miriam Hughes, creating a beautiful tribute to love and family. As featured in KY Bride Magazine, their wedding exemplifies that love knows no age. At The Barn at Cedar Grove, we are honored to host such unforgettable and heartwarming celebrations.
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Megan & Hunter's Sweet Summer Farm Wedding ~ July 18, 2020

Megan & Hunter's sweet summer wedding at The Barn at Cedar Grove
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Elevate Your Wedding Experience with Our All-Inclusive Package

Discover peace of mind with our all-inclusive wedding package at The Barn at Cedar Grove. In this blog, we share why couples should entrust our experienced venue team to choose vendors and to pull all of the pieces of your puzzle together. With years of expertise, pre-vetted quality partners, and a commitment to seamless coordination, we eliminate the stress of vendor selection. Enjoy a consistent aesthetic vision, personalized touches, and a central point of contact, allowing you to focus on the joy of your wedding journey. Let us bring your unique love story to life, ensuring a stress-free and extraordinary celebration right here in south central Kentucky.
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Savannah & Clint's dreamy and elegant boho Kentucky farm wedding

Savannah & Clint's dreamy, elegant Kentucky farm wedding with boho vibes!
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Ashley & Matthew's outdoor chapel wedding was absolutely dreamy

A dreamy and romantic outdoor chapel wedding in Kentucky
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All Inclusive Wedding Packages Are Gaining Popularity

All inclusive wedding packages are quickly becoming the top choice for couples, and for good reason. It simplifies the wedding planning process while ensuring a quality experience and keeping in your budget.
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Top Reasons To Get Married At A Barn Venue

Explore the charm of a Kentucky barn wedding at The Barn at Cedar Grove. Our latest blog post highlights the top reasons why couples are choosing our venue over other styles. If you're dreaming of rustic romance combined with elegance, look no further. Discover why The Barn at Cedar Grove is the perfect setting for your special day."
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The Pros And Cons Of Doing A First Look

When it comes to planning how you want to celebrate your wedding, the question of doing a first look or not often comes up. From our experience we shared some of the top pros and cons of doing a first look to help you make your decision.
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12 Month Barn Wedding Timeline

Are you wondering what to do first when it comes to planning your wedding? We break down what a 12 month timeline looks like, sharing where you should be at each stage of the planning process. We focus on making your wedding stress free here at The Barn at Cedar Grove.
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What To Do After You Get Engaged

Like most newly engaged couples, you likely have many questions about the wedding planning process. We are happy to share with you a few important steps to take before sending out your invitations. This will ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch. 
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Kelsey & Brennen's Delightfully Romantic Fall Wedding

A most delightfully romantic fall wedding deep in the heart of Kentucky
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Tayler & Ramsey's Fun Fall Kentucky Wedding

A beautiful fall wedding in Kentucky complete with gourmet pizza!
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Rachael & Wesley's Rustic Country Wedding

A rustic Kentucky wedding wedding complete with boots and gingham shirts!
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