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What a blessing to have a part in so many new beginnings! Our whole team agrees...this is our "happy place"!   The “happy place” where lots of “happy happens” to be exact and we can't wait to share it with you!  We absolutely LOVE what we do…and we are pretty good at it…if I say so myself!   We've been hosting #realkentuckyweddings since 2011 so you can rest assured we've got this!  Send us an email or give us call.  You'll soon see why we are one of the most sought after #kentuckyweddingvenues in the Bluegrass.  We just might be your #perfectvenue!

- Amy Mitchum

Owner of The Barn at Cedar Grove


I'm the owner and manager of The Barn at Cedar Grove.  I'm the one wearing all the hats behind the scenes and joining Sondra for the afternoon/evening shift on your wedding day.  I'm married to my high school sweetheart and we have 2 grown children and 8 grandchildren.  My background has taught me a vast array of valuable things, which I am grateful for!  There is simply no substitute for experience.  My father built a very successful utility and earthmoving business that served the state of Kentucky and parts of Tennesee for over 40 years.  I spent most of my adult life working in the office management and bookkeeping side of our family business. With a crafty nature and a lover of pretty things...a hopeless romantic at heart and an entrepreneurial spirit, God's divine plan was coming full circle.  I soon found myself totally immersed in my daughter's vision to repurpose our old tobacco barn for her wedding reception.  Once the word got out about her beautiful wedding in our breathtaking setting we had just the encouragment we needed to move forward with a venue.  A venue that continues to evolve with each passing year.


Sondra has been with The Barn since early 2016.  She tends to our property and handles logistics. Has been with The Barn since early 2016.  She keeps our venue clean, tends the flowers and overall property, handles the logistics of the ceremony and reception setup/breakdown and joins Amy for the afternoon/evening shift on wedding days.  She has 11 years of experience in food services include catering manager, restaurant owner, and ice cream shop assistant.  She is skilled in menu and event coordination for events of all sizes.  She also has 12 years of experience as a sales manager. She's great with problem solving, organization and public relations.  Her hard-working, self-directed work ethic is a wonderful asset to our venue and all who enjoy time here.


Sandra (Sandy) has been with The Barn since early 2015. She's married to Rick Wilson, also part of The Barn team. After 27 years she has recently retired as an assistant principal and now enjoys working part-time as a migrant advocate, all with Adair County Schools.   She loves spending her weekends making dreams come true at The Barn at Cedar Grove.   Sandy and Missy are typically the ones who open the venue on wedding day. They will greet you with a smile and dive right into making sure any last-minute details are taken care of. They can also be hired as your planner/coordinators. They do a fabulous job!


Rick joined our team in 2016.  He is semi-retired having worked 31 years in emergency medical services.  He has served his terms as the elected Coroner and Jailer of Adair County. He currently works part-time as a Respiratory Care Practitioner, Rental Property Manager and is involved in his church as Lay Leader, Safety & Security Coordinator and Certified Lay Servant.  He's our designated "hospitality agent".  He truly is!!  You will always find a smile and pleasant conversation with Rick. Most often you will find him driving our golf cart shuttle 𝘢𝘯𝘥 going the extra mile to help someone with mobility issues navigate the logistics of our property. He's always happy to help with whatever is needed.


Missy has been with The Barn since mid 2015.  She is currently working as a special education teacher. She grew up in her mother's florist and loves the aspect of helping brides make their vision come true.  She is her 16th year as a teacher and currently working as a special education teacher for MSD students 3-5 grades in Adair County.   She keeps us laughing with her quick wit and sense of humor.  She and Sandy are the ones who open the venue on wedding day, greeting you with a smile and diving right into making sure any last-minute details are taken care of. They can also be hired as your planner/coordinators and do a wonderful job!

The barn is so wonderful!

The staff is so sweet and makes sure you have the best time with little stress. The venue speaks for itself.... just gorgeous. We absolutely loved our big day! It was the best.

- Sonya

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The Barn at Cedar Grove